Top 5 Free SEO Tracking Tools for 2024
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Top 5 Free SEO Tracking Tools for 2024

Top 5 Free SEO Tracking Tools for 2024

In the consistently advancing digital marketing scene, SEO tracking tools have become essential for any business hoping to upgrade its online presence. As we enter 2024, remaining on the ball implies utilizing the most ideal tools anyone could hope to find to screen and enhance your SEO methodologies. Here, we dive into the best five free SEO tracking tools for 2024 that can lift your site’s presentation and assist you with remaining cutthroat in the advanced field.

Here is a top-to-bottom glance at five strongly suggested SEO tracking tools that can assist you with upgrading your site’s performance and lifting your rankings in 2024:

  1. Keywords Hero
  2. AnswerThePublic
  3. Localo
  4. SEOquake
  5. Screaming Frog

1. Keywords Hero

  • Best for: SEO Keywords Research
  • Pricing: Starts at $9 each month
  • Free Variant: Yes, with limited features.


  • Keyword and Traffic Analysis: Keywords Hero stands apart for its capacity to provide practical details information on which keywords are directing people to your site. It recovers “not provided” keyword data from Google Analytics, permitting you to comprehend the search terms clients use to find your site.
  • Weekly Execution Reports: Customary reports depict your site’s presentation, assisting you with following changes after some time and changing your techniques as needed.
  • High-level Metrics: It incorporates different metrics, such as bounce rate, meeting span, and change rates attached to explicit keywords.


Keyword Hero is especially important for clients hoping to acquire experience in keyword execution and natural inquiry information. By seamlessly integrating with Google Analytics, it offers a comprehensive set of tools for keyword tracking and analysis, making it more straightforward to refine your SEO technique based on information. 

Find out more: Keyword Hero. 

2. Answer The Public

  • Best for: SEO Content Optimization
  • Pricing: Starts at $9 each month
  • Free Variant: Yes, with limited searches.


  • Visual Keyword Analyzer: AnswerThePublic gathers information from web search tools and presents it in a visual configuration that guides the inquiries and expressions individuals seek. This assists you with understanding the sorts of content your crowd is keen on.
  • CSV Reports: Effectively trade your keyword information and analysis into CSV design for additional handling or imparting to your group.
  • Content Thoughts: It provides insights into normal inquiries and concerns, assisting you with producing applicable content that meets your audience’s needs.


Answer The Public is a gold mine of motivation and information for content makers and advertisers. It works on the method involved with recognizing well-known points and search questions, permitting you to fit your content to fulfill the needs of your interest group.

Explore: Answer The Public 

3. Localo

  • Best for: Local SEO
  • Pricing: $29 each month per area
  • Free Form: No, but it offers a free trial.


  • Google Business Profile Checking: Localo assists you with monitoring your Google Business Profile (GBP), guaranteeing that your business data is precise and innovative, which is critical for local search perceivability.
  • Keyword Ideas: It gives well-defined keyword ideas for your local area, and you streamline your site and professional references for local pursuit questions.
  • Review Management: Track and answer client reviews straightforwardly from the stage, assisting you with keeping a positive online standing.


Localo is fundamental for organizations that depend vigorously on local traffic. Focusing on restricted search conditions and advancing your business profile assists you with improving your perceivability and drawing in additional clients from your area.

Explore: Localo

4. SEO quake

  • Best for: SEO Audits
  • Pricing: Free
  • Free Adaptation: Completely free.


  • SEO Audits: SEOquake permits you to conduct extensive SEO audits of your site, assessing key factors like on-page SEO components, backlinks, and keyword utilization.
  • Link Analysis: This tool dissects the connection profiles of any website page, which is valuable for serious examination and grasping your webpage’s connection well-being.
  • Browser Extension: It is accessible as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Show, giving moment SEO measurements while you peruse.


SEO quake is a flexible tool that offers a range of functionalities for SEO experts and novices alike. It is easy-to-utilize connection point and exhaustive examining highlights make it a go-to device for fast and definite site examination.

Get SEO quake: SEO quake 

5. Screaming Frog

  • Best for: Technical SEO
  • Pricing: $259 each year
  • Free Variant: Yes, with limited features and up to 500 URLs.


  • Site Slithering: Screaming Frog is eminent for its capacity to creep sites productively, recognizing many specialized issues like broken joins, copy content, and server mistakes.
  • XML Sitemap Generator: Consequently, it produces XML sitemaps, which are essential for guaranteeing that web search tools grasp your website’s structure and can file every page appropriately.
  • In-depth Analysis: This provides itemized knowledge of your site’s SEO components, such as title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and more.


Screaming Frog is an imperative tool for those profoundly engaged with technical SEO. It helps you recognize, and fix things that could block your webpage’s presentation, guaranteeing that your site is upgraded for web indexes.

Look at Screaming Frog: Screaming Frog

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In the advanced severe scene of 2024, utilizing the proper SEO tools is significant for keeping up with and improving your site’s presentation. The tools we have featured — Keywords Hero, Answer The Public, Localo, SEO quake, and Screaming Frog — each proposition has elements that take care of various parts of SEO, from keyword research and content improvement to local SEO, extensive audits, and technical SEO. By coordinating these tools into your SEO methodology, you can acquire significant knowledge, smooth out your improvement endeavors, and help your web search tool rankings.

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