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Welcome to the Era of Automated Insanity!

Gone are the days of agonizing over a gazillion campaign settings and tweaks. With Performance Max Google ads, you just feed the machine your goals and a few creative assets, and it goes to town – automatically testing different combos across the entire Google Ads universe. YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Display Network – you name it, your message will be there, delivered with laser-focused precision.

But here’s the kicker: as this robo-genius learns what performs best, it keeps optimizing and amplifying the wins. Talk about a virtuous cycle of pure marketing might!

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Why Net Consult Is the Performance Max Partner Your Brand Deserves

Data-Driven Wizards with a Creative Spark

At Net Consult, we are aware that creating advertisements and crossing our fingers is not enough to achieve Performance Max campaigns. Our trained team of specialists builds campaigns that achieve Maximum Reach, Intelligent Optimization, and Unleashed Creativity by fusing creative flair with data-driven insights.

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Asset Alchemists Who Turn Your Content into Gold

Making the most of your resources is our specialty. We’ll work together to create a diverse collection of ad materials, including headlines, descriptions, images, and videos so that Google’s AI can create countless interesting ad combinations. More sales, less expenses, and a contented marketing staff are the end results.

A Relationship Found in Transparency and Results

We are your growth partners as well as your agency. We’ll take the time to thoroughly comprehend your company in order to create campaigns that complement your distinct objectives and distinctive brand identity. And with transparent reporting, you’ll always know exactly how your Performance Max campaigns are performing.

Net Consult: Your Performance Max Powerhouse


Craft a Unified Brand Story That Captivates

Your creative assets are what make your ads pop. Count on us to weave together words and visuals that really speak to your audience. One cohesive, compelling narrative across all channels – bam!

Unleash Continuous Testing and Optimization

This Performance Max game is all about constantly tweaking and refining based on real-time data. We'll keep finessing your campaigns for maximum impact.

Pump Out Scalable Growth Like Clockwork

Enough of this erratic, hit-or-miss digital marketing stuff. With our Performance Max prowess, you'll enjoy efficient, sustainable growth on autopilot.

We're the Performance Max Spark That'll Ignite Your Business

The Google Ads revolution has arrived, and Net Consult is your obvious co-pilot for the thrilling ride ahead. Buckle up and grab the throttle – it's going to be one heck of an adventure!

Frequently Asked Questions

A: We move at turbo speed, but don’t worry – we’ll never sacrifice strategy for haste. Once we have your goals and creative assets locked in, we can typically launch your first Performance Max campaigns within 2-to three weeks. Then, it’s a matter of continuous optimization!

A: Performance Max’s beauty is that it keeps getting smarter and more efficient over time. Most clients see exciting gains in conversions and ROI within the first 3-6 months as the machine learning really hits its stride. And it just keeps getting better from there!

A: Absolutely! We recommend first maintaining your current Google Ads activations in parallel with Performance Max ads. This lets you harvest maximum learnings to continuously refine your new automated campaigns without interrupting any existing performance.

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